"Exotic, Hybrid, Machine/Fabricate, custom process devices and components. All metals, plastics, etc."

PROCESS INDUSTRIES (Refineries, Gasification, Chemical Plants)

• Burners

• Mixers

• Nozzles



  • Fuel Gas Burner Fuel Gas Burner
  • Gas Turbine Feed Burner Gas Turbine Feed Burner
  • Gasification Burner Gasification Burner

  • Burner Cooling Coils Burner Cooling Coils
  • Flair Tip For Burner Flair Tip For Burner
  • Process Reactor Burner Process Reactor Burner
  • Process Burner Tip Process Burner Tip
  • Spargers Spargers


• Burners

• Sulfur Burners

• Process Components

• Riser Tube Assemblies

• Research & Development


• Fuel Nozzles

• Pilot Nozzles

• Rocket Tips

• Combustion Nozzles

  • Burner Nozzle Burner Nozzle
  • Combustion Nozzle Combustion Nozzle
  • Complex Turbine Nozzles Complex Turbine Nozzles
  • Turbine Combustion Nozzle Turbine Combustion Nozzle

  • Agitator Assembly Agitator Assembly
  • Impeller Blade Impeller Blade
  • Impeller Manufactured Ready For Crating Impeller Manufactured Ready For Crating
  • Impeller Mixer Impeller Mixer
  • Impeller Blade Impeller Blade
  • Impellers For Shipment Impellers For Shipment
  • Manufactured Impellers Manufactured Impellers
  • Typical Mechanical Seal Typical Mechanical Seal


• Impellers

• Bearing Housings

• Shafts

• Mechanical Seals

SERVICES  (For Process Burners And Reactor Nozzles)

• Refurbish

• Inspection

• Repair

• Re-certify

• Reassemble

• Heat Treatment

• Carry out Flow/Hydrostatic/Pneumatic Tests

• Refactory/Painting/Oxygen Cleaning


  • Fuel Nozzle Fuel Nozzle
  • Gas Turbine Feed Burner Gas Turbine Feed Burner
  • Retractable Thermocouple Retractable Thermocouple
  • Spin Vanes Spin Vanes
  • The Big Nasty The Big Nasty
  • Turbine Combustion Turbine Combustion

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